Corporate Profile

Contribute with Logistics
to One End of "Food in Japan"

Since its establishment in February 1966, our group has been developing the 4 temperature zone logistics network in nationwide and providing services of common logistics, of customized logistics, and logistics services in abroad. As result, it now establishes more than 150 locations of business sites all over the nation and operates approx. 5,500 vehicles in our group and in Kewso-soueikai (partner transportation companies), and it is now leading ahead in the industry with its comprehensive strengths in the food logistics.

Our own original services of one step ahead in the distribution system shall be provided and the priority on the quality of logistics shall be kept under the provision of security/safety based on the group management philosophy of "We link people and food with smile and are the corporate group always being trusted".

Our mission is understood as the continuous contribution to the society and the trust from the society, and our effort shall be kept on making for sustaining increase in the corporative value and for being a number one in the position in the total capability of food logistics.

It would be our pleasure if the understandings and the support could be granted from you.

Thank you.

Corporate Data

Corporate name K.R.S. Corporation
Established February 1, 1966
President and
representative director
Hideaki Nishio
Head office 3-50-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0021
Capital stock 4,063.11 million yen
Principal business activities
  1. Warehousing business
  2. Undertaking business for packing, packaging, and delivery etc. for various types of bottled/canned products and other general goods.
  3. Consigned freight forwarding business
  4. Intermediary transport agency business
  5. Motor truck transportation business
  6. Customs clearance
  7. Sales and leasing business of vehicle-and logistics-related machinery equipment
  8. Automotive wrecking and maintenance businesses
  9. Sales of industrial and automotive fuel and oil
  10. Insurance agency
  11. Sales of logistics information and consulting on logistics operations
  12. Sales of commodity goods and foods, such as fresh food preserved food, and processed food
  13. Real estate renting and leasing business
  14. Administrative, accounting, human resources and labor management procedures for other companies
  15. Subcontracted planning, development and construction of IT systems for the outsourced administrative and other procedures in the preceding item
  16. All services related to these listed above